Monday, December 12, 2016

El Paso: Westside View and Walk

August 2016

A library on El Paso's westside is the Dorris van Doren Library on Redd Road. This library has a small courtyard; inside the courtyard is an A-frame. Groups use the A-frame for young-child activities or meetings. When available, individuals enjoy the space while reading, studying, or contemplating the artfully-framed view of the outdoors from within. The A-frame has a fireplace, a cozy arrangement of soft chairs, and a couple of large group-study tables.

The courtyard is a pleasant space to sit outside to read alone or have quiet tete-a-tetes between tutor and student or friends.

It is so good to sit inside the A-frame and do nothing but look outside. Once I saw hawks wheeling over the ridge. Another time a young rabbit tarried next to the window, perhaps enjoying the shade on a hot day.

The Westside Community Park is just on the other side of the ridge that you see through the window.

One day, after a meeting in the A-frame, I climbed up that ridge and walked along one of the park's trails. I saw both flora and fauna:

Cactus flower on Westside Community Park trail. August 2016.

Lizard on Westside Community Park trail. August 2016.

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judy said...

That cute critter is a Checkered Lizard. Interesting tidbit: this is an all-female species. more info: