Monday, December 5, 2016

On the Way to El Paso: Dallas Wildlife

Bobcat. Source: Texas Wild.

Holy moly.

On my way to El Paso, I stopped for a several-day visit at my aunt and uncle's house in Richardson, outside of Dallas.

Just thinking about it relaxes me. Imagine the perfect airbnb. A large, yet cozy bedroom with an adjoining bath - also large. Kitchen privileges. Wifi. A cool and dark living room with an immense fireplace. A breezy, screened porch to look out onto a petite, manicured, be-flowered yard with pops of blue from collected clay pretties for decoration. Wine.

Mature trees lining the side-walked streets. So close to a city throughway, but far enough away to avoid the noise and congestion that goes with that.

My aunt and uncle exposed me to two products that I immediately fell in swoon over:
  • Newman's Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger salad dressing; and
  • Alpine Valley Low Fat Multi-grain Omega-3 bread

Oh, and the bobcats. 

They are terrorizing the domestic dog and cats of Richardson. Maybe that's an exaggeration. Let's say the bobcats are terrorizing the dogs' owners, who fear their dogs will be hunted and killed. Which has happened

Below is a video of two Richardson bobcats fighting:

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