Thursday, December 8, 2016

On the Way to El Paso: Plein Air Pee

A curious restroom design choice at some of the Texas rest areas:

View from a toilet in the ladies' room, Interstate 10, Texas, between El Paso and Fort Stockton. August 2016.

Not a bad choice, a curious one.

Makes some sense - ample ventilation plus plenty of natural light during the daytime hours. There's also an aesthetic benefit in combining the beauty of outdoor nature with a traveler's natural bodily functions. For those with shy bladders, it might be especially helpful when it's raining.

Speaking of melding the act of urination with scenery, it reminds me of the jaw-dropping view of Chicago's skyline from the ladies room of the Signature Lounge in the Hancock Building:

View of Chicago skyline from ladies room, Signature Lounge, Hancock Building. Chicago, Illinois. December 2009.

And now with the stream of memories (get it? stream?) re: plein air pees, some adventures here.

Flora at Texas rest area, Interstate 10, between Fort Stockton and El Paso. August 2016.

At this rest stop, it was so good to see my old Chihuahua Desert friends again.

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