Sunday, December 11, 2016

El Paso: Largest Employers

El Paso is the largest city I've ever lived in, at 675,000 for the city and 880,000 for the metro area (excluding Juarez).

I wondered who the largest employers are. From City of El Paso:

And for good measure, the largest employers in Juarez, albeit with 2010 data:

The Fed tracks both El Paso and Juarez in its economic indices. The August 2016 El Paso Economic Indicators report is here. It includes the most current data available on Juarez.

As in Acadiana in Louisiana, it seems health care is big business here. As is education. In El Paso, the military base, Fort Bliss, is massive. In Juarez, it appears manufacturing is what drives the economy, at least atop the proverbial table.

I wonder how secure Fort Bliss is for the next 10 years or so. Is it on a short list of possible base closures? Does the city and county have a strategic plan in place for such an event?

For now, I'm just taking things in.

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