Thursday, May 2, 2024

10 Years Ago: Rootless: Goodbye, Friend

You wouldn't think a minimalist like me would get attached to mere ... things, would you? 

But I do, and I think wistfully of items that have fallen by the wayside because they've plumb worn out or been (no!) lost. 

Just last month I had to "transition" a much-loved blouse because it seemed to have begun to, er, actually disintegrate along the placket.

And my jean jacket, oh my jean jacket, is doing the same along the cuff line of my right sleeve.

I bought both of these beloveds in second-hand stores some years ago.


My worn, beloved jean jacket. March 2024. Credit: Mzuriana.
My worn, beloved jean jacket. March 2024. Credit: Mzuriana.


I sighed when I revisited this post from 2014. I've still not found a worthy replacement.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rootless: Goodbye, Friend

Time to say good-bye, friend.

You went with me to innumerable festivals, and to Ethiopia, to Mexico, to Caucasus Georgia, to Dubai, to Istanbul, to Armenia, to New Mexico, and finally, to Louisiana.

We were such a perfect fit. I liked resting my hand on your shoulder, and to have your arm draped across mine. You protected my valuables. You carried my books. My water. My camera. You never complained.

Who could have predicted all of the adventures we'd share when we first met at that second-hand store? 

I'll never forget you. 

Yes, even though I must replace you, know that you will always be my true love.

Goodbye, bag.