Thursday, December 1, 2016

Boonville, Missouri: Katy Bridge on a Hot-Hot Day

Train choo-ing under Katy Bridge, Boonville, Missouri. August 2016.

My descendant and I left South Louisiana at the beginning of August and came back to Missouri, where I re-deposited her with her parents. 

On our way back to Missouri, via Harrison, Arkansas, we saw this ugly welcome. Fortunately, my granddaughter is too young to take in its over-sized message. 

So began an intermission in Missouri before pushing off to my new home for a year. 

Boonville on a hot-hot day

Hoo-wee, it was hot when we walked over to the Katy Bridge in Boonville.

You wouldn't think I'd be so done in by the heat seeing as how I'd just spent two years in South Louisiana, but sweet Jesus, it was oppressive.

A train chug-chugging under the bridge here and here:

I like how the backdraft pushed the tree branches, and then me, following the train.

Train choo-ing under Katy Bridge, Boonville, Missouri. August 2016.


judy said...

The truth is that Diversity is Strength. I never heard the comments on that billboard. Thanks for opening my eyes to a sad and scary alternate reality.

Mzuri said...

Yes, I find it particularly scary when a racist (or any person who wants to restrict others' rights to self-determination) is able to articulate falsehoods in such reasonable, rational ways, and in such a pleasant tone.