Saturday, December 10, 2016

El Paso: My First ID as an El Pasoan

August 2016

My first ID as an El Pasoan: My membership with the El Paso recreation center system.

Westside Community Park Recreation Center, El Paso, TX. August 2016.

I got it at the Westside Community Park Recreation Center, which is close to the airbnb where I'm ensconced until I move to my new digs on Sunday.

Intricately-designed dog park system here - impressive!

Sun blazed overhead. I must replace the now-raggedy sun shield for my car's windshield, which I bought three years ago when I lived in Alamogordo. This El Paso sun is not kidding around.

The recreation building design plays with shadows and lines and squares and curves. The purple flowers clash unapologetically with the brick red wall.

With my monthly membership, I can waltz into any of the El Paso recreation centers and avail myself of their gyms, pools, etc. This is the kind of amenity that gives quality of life to a community, folks. Parks and recreation services are tax money well spent for a community's people.

Coming up - a rental lease, parking decal, and a library card!

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