Friday, December 9, 2016

El Paso: Temporary Home

View from airbnb home in El Paso. August 2016.

August 2016

Mmmmm, back in the Southwest. The air is different, the light is special, the clouds are special, and the flashy, splashy colors of the flowers delight the eyes.

To have a base until I found a one-year home, I booked some time in an airbnb in El Paso. It was on the west side of the city.

I've had mostly very good luck with my airbnb choices. In this case, I pretty much had the large house to myself, with an expansive bedroom and private adjoined bath. An inviting, shaded terrace in the back. When I walked out to the terrace the first time, I just smiled and smiled. I was in my new home city.

Terrace at my airbnb home in El Paso. August 2016.

On to the house hunt!

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