Friday, December 16, 2016

El Paso: Sunset Heights: The Sunset Grocery

Sunset Grocery, Sunset Heights, El Paso, TX. September 2016.

September 2016

I was walking downtown the other day, following Google directions on my phone, and arrived at a complicated intersection where I scratched my head in befuddlement about what Google was wanting me to do next. The directions seemed to make no sense.

Eventually, I tried out what turned out to be a dead-end stub of a sidewalk path, which was a bummer. But when I turned around to retrace my steps, there it was. Right in front of me. The iconic Sunset Grocery.

I'd walked right by it, but hadn't seen the storefront til now.

This didn't solve my navigational problem about how to get downtown, but it was a moment of coolitude.

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