Saturday, December 3, 2016

Jefferson City, Missouri: An Evening at The Mission

Oh, for the days when Mo & Waldo's was open on E. Dunklin Street, in the Old Munichburg neighborhood, back before gentrification began.

Mo & Waldo's, a dive-y pizza place next to the dive-y Welcome Inn, featured blues every weekend. In a town not noted for its class, age, or complexion integration, Mo & Waldo's musical audience included all ages, socio-economic representation, and complexions. Mo & Waldo's also had the most deliciously killer popcorn around; I think it was killer because I'm guessing they used lard to pop the corn instead of oil. Mo & Waldo's was known for its pizza, but I was all about the popcorn.

With that little detour to the past, my kudos to The Mission on E. High Street, a place that is as close to Mo & Waldo's that Jefferson City has to offer at the moment. No popcorn, alas. No pizza. Not quite the good mix of folks that Mo & Waldo's enjoyed. But the vibe is similar, as is the investment in good, live, local musicians. And the decor is intimate and cool, even the bathrooms. The owners and staff are congenial and welcoming.

So I always check to see what's up at The Mission when I visit Jefferson City, like I did here and here.

The Mission, Jefferson City, Missouri. August 2016.

In August, during my between-year intermission, I wandered in again.

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