Saturday, May 5, 2012

Borjomi, Part 5: Bakuriani and Back

Kate, Sandy, and I arrived in Bakuriani via Kukushka.

To say Bakuriani was dead is to presume that it sometimes has life. Well, sure it does. In the winter and summer.

In the spring: Nada.

Bakuriani is a ski resort in the winter and in the summer a respite from the heat of Tbilisi.

We had a difficult time finding a restaurant that was open. We just missed, apparently, being able to lunch at the Prego restaurant, but did enjoy the classic Georgian body language of this chef out behind Prego:

Bakuriani, Georgia.

Bakuriani, Georgia.

The above two-part display is a response to my request for permission to take his photo. In Georgian body language, he is saying:

"Of courrrrse! Why wouldn't you want to take a photo of me in my Georgian splendiforousness! I am truly a magnificent representation of the wonder of all things Georgian, am I not?"

When we did find an open restaurant, I liked this page on its menu:

Bakuriani, Georgia.

I've seen "sprats" often on Georgian menus. Don't know what they are. I'm pretty sure the "lard with garlic" refers to small, sliced or chunked portions of cold pork fat. Not the succulent, crispy fat off of a roast ham or pig. No, it's more along the lines of what you imagine whale blubber to be.

I also like the suggestions of what food to order to go with one's vodka or beer rather than the reverse, i.e. what wine to go with the food you plan to order.

There was some mix-up about when we could take a marshrutka from Bakuriani to Tbilisi. Eventually this was cleared up by learning the answer was: You can't. Not today, anyway. That marsh sailed awhile back.

So we had to take a marsh back to Borjomi, and from there take one to Tbilisi. Sandy hoped to take a marshrutka that would return her to Gori. (The marshrutka from Borjomi to Tbilisi would go by Gori and Sandy could take that, but it meant being left off by the highway and having to take a 2nd transportation to Gori center.)

So back to Borjomi we went, at a considerably faster pace than we experienced by Kukushka just a few hours earlier.

Borjomi, Georgia.

A ride on Borjomi's main thoroughfare: 

Upon arrival at Borjomi's marshrutka area, Kate and I pretty much moved seamlessly from one marshrutka to another for our return to Tbilisi. Sandy was told that a marshrutka leaving for Gori would arrive within minutes, only to discover (while Kate and I observed from our seats in the Tbilisi marshrutka) that this marshrutka had actually left while she was receiving this critical information and it was the last to leave for Gori for the day. Sandy decided to get a marshrutka to Khashuri, then a Gori marshrukta from there. 

Kate and I pulled out of Borjomi, leaving Sandy to her fate.

As we neared our Gori drive-by, the overcast skies and recent rain made for beautiful scenes:

Sandy arrived at her destination safely.

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