Monday, May 7, 2012

Tbilisi: Baratashvili Street

Tbilisi - Roofline of restaurant in clocktower courtyard off Baratashvili

Baratashvili Avenue and its offshoots boast: 
  • Puppet Museum
  • Doll Museum
  • Clocktower courtyard
  • Marriage Registry office

Over the course of several days during her visit, Kate and I had occasion to visit the area.

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In the petite courtyard with the quirky clocktower are the Hangar Bar, the Puppet Museum, a couple of other restaurants, and a vacant, new building that seems destined for a boutique hotel.

On the hour, the clocktower's doors open to allow an angel to emerge, open his wings, turn, strike a bell with a hammer - once for each hour - turn, fold his wings, and go back through the doors, and the doors close.

Tbilisi - Clocktower courtyard. Original, interior ceiling of Hangar Bar. Building was a bakery long time ago, when built.

Tbilisi - Hangar Bar. Clocktower courtyard off Baratashvili. "American breakfast" delish.

Tbilisi - Restaurant in clocktower courtyard off Baratshvili.

Tbilisi - New, unoccupied building in clocktower courtyard off Baratashvili.

A few weeks ago, I'd had lunch at Buta's Restaurant on Baratashvili, enjoying the best damned chicken livers ever.

I finished Isaac Asimov's book, Lucky Starr: Pirates of the Asteroids there.

But when Kate and I visited, it was closed.

On the bright side, on our way there, we passed the marriage registry office. We stopped to look as a newly-minted couple emerged.

Tbilisi - Baratashvili Street. Marriage registry.

Tbilisi - Baratashvili Street. Marriage registry.

Some other sights off of Baratashvili:

Tbilisi - Off Baratashvili Street

Tbilisi - Off Baratashvili Street

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