Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tbilisi: Evening Song

Awhile back, Kate, a TLG colleague and I went to an evening of choral singing at the National Parliament Library off of Rustaveli Street.

The Rustavi Men's Choir performed first. Moving and powerful. A real crowd-pleaser.

Toward the end, we enjoyed a really fun, enthusiastic performance of an American folk song, Jericho. I especially enjoyed the soprano shout-out at about 1:12.

If I'd had more space on my SD card, I'd have captured one of the seemingly dozens of songs that consisted primarily of humming. Perhaps these showcased technical virtuosity to those in the know, but as a simple layperson, all I know is one humming dirge sounded pretty much like the other.

There was one exception, however, that I wish I had recorded. The only problem is it was a very long song, and it was such that its beauty and complexity - the sound "story" it told - required that you be there and let it work into your body and brain, slowly.

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