Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tbilisi: Dolled Up

Tbilisi doll exhibit
Kate's guesthouse hostess, Marina, took us to an exhibit at the Georgian Folklore State Centre at 68 Agmashenebeli Avenue in the Marjinishvili neighborhood. We didn't know in advance what kind of exhibit it would be, but she did say there'd be a well-known musical group performing there later.

Well, damn. Marina hides her light under a bushel. It was a doll exhibit and Marina had a number of dolls on display. (She also has her work represented at the Doll Museum.)

A polyphonic men's group sang reverberatingly beautifully. As you can see on the video, the place was packed. 

A Ukrainian group sang as well, but unfortunately, the sound quality in the room, both electronic and ambient, didn't do them justice.

Tbilisi doll exhibit. Ukrainian singers.

Tbilisi doll exhibit. Ukrainian singers.

I don't know what the brown sackcloth costumes are about. Pretty ghastly. As Nely says, "not all traditions are good traditions." Perhaps they're the Ukrainian Christian version of an abaya.

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