Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rustavi: In Mary's Garden

Today, Mary gave me a tour of her garden.

She has gardens 1, 2, and 3. She and her husband began creating them 15 years ago. They are in places by "my" building that would likely otherwise be naked, baked soil. An empty lot.

But in Mary's garden, she has plum trees (at least three kinds), nut trees, pear trees, apple trees, a fig tree, a quince tree, maize, tomato plants, strawberries, a banana tree, and grape vines. There are also pepper plants and some flowers. In garden 2 are the chickens and a rabbit.

It may be reflective of Rustavi as a whole that if you just glance at Mary's garden, the first impression is of scrubby, scrabbly brush. It's not until you are led through the paths and have pointed out to you the abundance of its fruits and nuts and other delectables that you appreciate the richness of her garden.

And here's today's Building Behind Me photo:

Building Behind Me  072811

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