Thursday, July 21, 2011

Georgia (Republic of) - Orientation: A Walk in Old Tbilisi

On Sunday, our training coordinator, Tamara, took a group of us on a walking tour of the old part of Tbilisi.

I think we are hardwired to seek similarities between new things and familiar things. Thus, we have the "Paris of South America," or the "Venice of America," and so on.  As I looked at the Tbilisi architecture, I could sense my brain seeking to "auto complete" what I saw, but it was unsuccessful. Perhaps it is unique; perhaps it is evocative of other cities in the region I haven't visited. Some examples:

Presidential Palace, Tbilisi

We trekked up an exceedingly steep hill to the Narikela Fortress and St. Nicholas Church. The fortress wall offered stunning views of the city:

I liked the bells on the fortress wall:

The river you see in the panoramic photos is the River Kura, also known as Mtkvari River

There are bath houses (sulphur) in old town Tbilisi:

The baths are inside these domes.

So far, it appears Georgians feel comfortable having their photos taken. I'm not quite sure about the two men in shades, dozing in the car, though. They reminded me of KGB.

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