Sunday, July 10, 2011

Georgia (Republic of): Packing Round #1

I'll be in Georgia for all of the seasons, which, according to the blogs, appear to be three: The hot&humid season, the muddy season, and the freeze your ass off season. ... well, in all fairness, there does appear to be a handful of days that qualify for "it's almost getting nice."

These personal accounts are at variance with the climate information for Georgia one finds on the web, which actually refer to some parts of Georgia as having "subtropical" weather with "mild winters."

So anyway, I'm packing for summer, fall, and winter. Keeping in mind that one must hand wash and hang dry clothes, my cold-weather pack list includes:
  • Three turtlenecks and one thermal shirt
  • Two sweatshirts (for pajamas or street wear)
  • Two pair fleece pants (for pajamas)
  • Suede coat
  • Fleece vest
  • Socks
  • "Sensible" leather shoes*
  • Two pair khaki pants that I'll also use for summer 
  • Hat, scarf, and gloves
I packed all of the above in what I thought was the larger of my two carry-on size bags - the convertible "weekender" bag. I also added my supply of various toiletries, Crystal Light drink tubes, batteries, etc. ... I could not get the damn thing closed.

I eyeballed the wheeled bag, and though dubious, decided to give that a go. After I tossed out a green sweater that I'd thrown in for the heck of it, everything fit. It comes out to about 31 pounds.

*I'm also taking a pair of waterproof boots for the Muddy season (and snow), but I'll wear those on my flight.

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