Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Georgia (Republic of): Christian History

Christianity was named as the state religion by the rulers du jour as follows: 

Year 301 - Armenia
Year 319 - Georgia
Year 330 - Ethiopia (though first Ethiopian converted to Christianity in 1st century)

The Roman emperor, Constantine, converted to Christianity, and decreed same as a "permitted" religion in the Roman Empire in 313.

But anyway, back to Georgia.
More than 80% of Georgians identify as members of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Muslims comprise 9.9% of the population. The balance is made up of Catholics, Jews, and Protestants.

I've now seen inside two Georgian Orthodox churches. Beautifully painted inside. Some examples from St. Nicholas Church here, taken on Sunday, 17 July:

St. Nicholas is at the top of a hill, flanked by the ruins of the Narikala Fortress. Our little walking tour group, led by our training coordinator, Tamara, encountered a bridal couple emerging from the church.

Two priests confabbed a bit with the couple on the way down the steep, steep, steep hill.


viaaccolti28 said...

Thank You for the pictures and info. I am getting very excited.

Mzuri said...

Great! When are you coming over?