Friday, July 22, 2011

Assignment: Rustavi

I learned yesterday that my first Georgian EFL gig will be in Rustavi, Georgia.

I'll be teaching English to police officers there for about 12 weeks.

The third largest city in Georgia, with a population of ~ 160,000, Rustavi is in a good location. It's only about 40 kilometers from Tbilisi and is close to both Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Rustavi is an industrial city, and it has its problems with unemployment, crime, and poverty. Centuries ago, the original Rustavi was wiped out by the Mongol ruler Tamerlane in mid-13th century. 

There doesn't seem to be too much information on Rustavi. I look forward to exploring it.

The very famous Rustavi song and dance troupe had its origins in Rustavi:

I'll be teaching three days per week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So I'm thinking on my weekdays off, taking a Georgian language class and also seeing about getting some trees planted in Rustavi. Apparently, some call it a "desert," as it allegedly has no trees, and is hotter than nearby Tbilisi as a result. There is a precedent to tree-planting projects in Rustavi here.

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