Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Georgia (Republic of): More Preparations

Besides packing, and before I get out of Dodge, I need to:

  1. Renew my driver's license (due July). Check. 
  2. Renew my vehicle plates (due August). Check.
  3. Renew my car insurance (due July). Check
  4. Transfer $$ to my travel account, which I segregate from any other account. Check.
  5. Notify my financial institution that I'll be using my card(s) outside the U.S. Check.
  6. Remove my cell phone plan from monthly auto-pay; I'll end my service this month, a benefit of cutting myself loose from cell phone contracts (not to mention the seductive poison of "bundling" services such as internet access, TV, and phone). Check.
  7. Organize my communication plans for Georgia, i.e. email, Google Chat or Voice, Skype, and Facebook, given unknown privacy, security, and access variables. For in-country, the government provides the teachers with a cell phone, which is a great benefit.    

Experience feels good. To know, based on past trials and errors, things to do before leaving; things to pack (and not pack). 

Not that experience prevents mistakes and mishaps. Those are going to happen. 

Credit: Wolverine
Experience frees me up to worry about this major dilemma: To address the much-vaunted mud and snow in Georgia, do I take my clunky, lace-up, waterproof Wolverine boots with me (which I would likely have to wear en route for God's sake, because of their bulk?)? Or leave them at home and spend probably quite a lot of money to buy boots in Georgia? Or maybe I won't need them at all?

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