Sunday, July 17, 2011

Georgia (Republic of): Wine

Ethiopia claims to be the first to discover the joys of coffee.

The Republic of Georgia makes a similar claim for wine.

Cradle of Wine

Georgia would love to tap into the US market to replace the enormous loss of business from Russia, which not only boycotts Georgian wine, but invades the country every so often.

Unearthing Georgia's Wine Heritage

Some articles on Georgian wine

Wild Georgian Wines @ Saveur

Georgia Undaunted @ JancisRobinson

A Peace Corps volunteer works on wine marketing&tourism in Georgia


Carla said...

There is a Rotarian in Columbia, MO who is a big advocate for Georgia and shares her wine with us! We also did a big collection last fall and sent hundreds of books over for use in teaching English!

Mzuri said...

Hi Carla - Wow, I see the story here:

I didn't know Kutaisi, Georgia, was Columbia's sister city. I love hearing about the books going over to Georgia. Rotary Clubs do such good work.