Saturday, July 16, 2011

Georgia (Republic of): Deepest Cave in the World

Credit: Stephen Alvarez, National Geographic

Per some sources, the Republic of Georgia has four of the 10 deepest caves on (in) the planet:

1. Krubera (Voronja) Cave @ 7188 feet
2. Illyuzia-Mexhonnogo-Snezhnaya Cave @ 5751 feet
7. Sarma Cave @ 5062 feet
8. Shakta Vjacheslave Pantjukhina Cave @ 4948 feet

In full disclosure, I should note that all of the record-setting Georgian caves are in Abkhazia, which is technically part of Georgia, but which has a large population that believes Abkhazia to be an independent state.

Here is a National Geographic pictorial article about a recent "dive" into the Krubera Cave, the world's deepest cave.

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