Thursday, December 23, 2010

What It's Not About

I feel disappointed when I come across a rootless blogger who can really tell good stories, who has terrific travel tips, but then demeans him/herself by disrespecting those who choose more traditional paths.

Me going rootless is not about:

  • Rebelling against anything - not against certain lifestyles, societies, cultures, or political points of view. 
  • Believing my choice is better than others' ways to live or that my way of life will have more "meaning" than others' ways of life.
  • Being smug. 

    A person who never leaves his hometown (whether that be Manhattan, Kansas or Manhattan, NY) can live just as rich or poor a life as the most well-traveled individual. A person who lives in a lean-to can be just as happy or miserable as a person who lives in a multi-million dollar mansion or a rambler in the burbs.

    A "tourist" can enjoy as rich a cultural experience as a "traveler."

    Life has the meaning we place on it.

    I can justify my choice to go rootless without disrespecting others' choices. I am moving toward a desire; I am not rejecting something.

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