Friday, December 17, 2010

Keeping Earbuds Untangled

I used to spend way too much time untangling my earbuds. A real frustration.

My work-around until today has been a wooden paint-stirrer (I wrap the earbuds around the stick), which is OK, but it takes up room, and is impractical if I don't have my backpack with me. I decided there must be some piece of equipment for this. Here's what I found:

A Better Way to wrap headphones from brian on Vimeo.

This lifehacker description does a good job of describing a similar technique, known as the "devil's horn" technique, but I like the video's music and drama.

I've tried the devil's horn wrap several times and it seems to work well. Will see how it holds up after it's been in a pocket for awhile and pushed around as I hunt for things in my purse or backpack.  

Or there's the budcozy.


More ideas here.

Some people wrap theirs around their mp3 player, and that probably works great, but I mostly listen to my mp3 player through my radio via an adapter in the lighter socket.

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