Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The next thing

With my time in Playa almost over, this is the first week there's been space in my brain to think about what I'll be doing between my return and my next adventure in rootlessness.

Here's a list:
  • Distribute the rest of my stuff (waiting in that small guest closet at "base")
  • Pull the usual end-of-the-year tax-related documents together
  • Revisit my security and access processes for data - to make things easier and yet more effective
  • Re-learn the series of movements in tai chi's "Beijing 24",which took me a whole year to learn, and which I allowed myself to lose through neglect
  • Finalize my plans for January and February


Anonymous said...

Are thre going to be any 'HINTS' for the next phase of Rootless? Terry

Mzuri said...