Monday, December 6, 2010

Portable tai chi

It took me a year to learn the movements in tai chi's short form, also known as the 24 form.

I finally got it, and then allowed myself, over time, to lose it.

So during my last week in Playa, I vowed to re-learn the form. One reason is because I'd had the goal for so long to learn it, finally achieved the goal, only to allow the skill to fall away. It is worth re-achieving that goal.

Another reason to take up tai chi again is that it is so portable. No matter where I am in the world, I can practice it.

I've found a class that runs three days a week. It's about an hour's commute each way, but it's worth the investment in time and gas. First class -- this Wednesday!


Geoff Reed said...

I like to do Cajun Tai Chi, me! Firs you go to da park early, early and preten you holin hans wit you bess dance partner. Poo yie, das fun jus tinkin bout dat. Den you do all dem moves dat you gonna do wit da Cajun Two-Step Jitterbug, but you do dat all slow, slow, slow like. An it heps to preten you Chinese.

Mzuri said...

This is hilarious - thanks! I did take that class again, but I again lost the practice and thus the memory. Took tai chi again in Alamogordo last year. Haven't found a class yet in Lafayette.

Geoff Reed said...

At one time there was, and one of my dancing friends from the Unitarian Fellowship has taught it elsewhere. She even did a presentation to our fellowship. I will contact her. She will probably know if there is indeed any classes currently being taught.

We need to further our discussion on the subject of Cajun vs Austin culture because there is a connection, at least as far as dancing is concerned. It have to wait for a later date because I need to tutor a student this evening.

Pleases me that you found it humorous.