Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keeping Gear in Perspective

It's easy to get caught in a loop where you think you have to get the exact right piece of equipment, luggage, shoes, hat, .... and travel towel, for God's sake. One can spend hours (and I have) poring over travel alarm clocks or personal alarm devices or .... travel towels.

And then I remember those guys from Mexico who did marathon-length runs practically every day on ancient trails in their bare feet. Remember those guys?

That helps me keep things in perspective.

Here is a video about the Tarahumara Indians. Warning: Excessive use of words such as "superhuman," "staggering," "amazing," "remarkable," and "extraordinary." Take appropriate precautions.

Having said that, I went to the Alpine Shop. I may have been there an hour. Looking. Touching. Wanting. I saw a collapsible bucket by Sea to Summit. I craved it. Only $25! It would fit so cutely in my bag. What does it matter if I would never need it? I caressed an Ex-Officio Air Strip Lite shirt. $87! Sun protection and insect repellent all in one! It felt so soft.

Thank God for the Tarahumara.

Even so, as I drove away, I thought about that bucket. I could use it for camping instead of my bulky plastic hospital wash basin that I got for free! 

Tarahumara. Tarahumara. Tarahumara.

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