Friday, December 3, 2010

Celebration party

The last day!

Estelle, Paige, and Chantal hosted a party at their condo. They rented a condo in a great area on Calle 26 and Avenida 10, in a building called Las Palmas. A beautiful, vibrant little neighborhood. Their place is on the ground floor with a spacious patio in front and a rooftoop pool and entertainment area that all building inhabitants share. What a great view! Not of the water, but of the city rooftops. Loved it.

Much alcohol and good food.

Chantal sang and played her guitar, as did Maria's boyfriend, Tomas. Then, most everyone sang along with them.

I think the photos (courtesy of Estelle) speak for the warmth and fun at the party:

Jean, Nathan, Neil, Brittany & Sarah, Paula, Estelle, Rosie

Jean, Jordan, and Maria


Brittany and Sarah

Paige and two friends

Jean, Tim, Paula, Rosie

Tomas, Chantal, and Estelle


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