Monday, December 27, 2010


Carabiners are the cooler equivalent to that purse that used to be sold on late-night television, which was to organize a woman's entire life via pockets and zippers and dividers.

In my own experience, I didn't know carabiners were called carabiners. I always referred to them as those "cheap ass souvenir things that are supposed to carry your keys but the damn twisty-turny thing that's supposed to keep your keys inside falls apart so they're worthless."  

I'd seen the word before, but I'd conjured up something more exotic, to go with pitons and belay and ax, and falling to one's death into a bottomless, white abyss. And I wasn't sure how to pronounce it --> kare-a-BY-ner? kare-a-BIN-ner?**

From wikipedia (user zakabog)

Assuming one isn't using it for climbing, a carabiner can connect a water bottle, keys, wallet, coin purse, shoes, bandana, daypack, flashlight, weapon, or infant to one's main bag or clothing.

As with duct tape, I was at first lukewarm about adding carabiners to my list of travel-packing must-haves, but have now seen their merits. I'll get one for my flashlight (a whole 'nother story), coin purse, and just because.

**Pronunciation: Here is how to pronounce carabiner.

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