Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Way to Go Rootless

Into the Wild With Yoga, a 2008 Wall Street Journal article by Alexandra Alter, tells the story of Jason Magness. An excerpt:

Mr. Magness belongs to a community of itinerant adventure addicts, the latest generation of American drifters who live to scale cliffs, ski or surf. Some adhere to a so-called freegan diet: any food that's free. "People dream of doing what we're doing," says Chuck "Chongo" Tucker, 56, a well-known climber who's lived summers outdoors for nearly four decades in Yosemite Valley. Mr. Magness has rarely paid rent or held a steady job. He says he has gone months without buying food, subsisting on trail mix and energy bars donated by sponsors, or by foraging through supermarket trash bins.

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