Monday, November 1, 2010

Carrying electronics paraphernalia

Every little techno-gadget comes with an umbilical cord or charger or both. And since there's very little standardization for the various he/she intersections, the result is a potential headache of keeping track of similar-but-different cords, cables, and other small parts. All, of course, in the ubiquitous black or white.

Fortunately, I had two well-designed, compartmentalized cases that Ethiopian Airlines gives to it first class passengers. (Thank you, Yoseph!) Normally, these zippered cases hold comfort items such as toothpaste/toothbrush, shaving cream/razor, an eyemask, a pair of socks, etc.

But it's also perfect for the electronics stuff.

The case holds:
  1. Battery charger for my camera
  2. Charger for my cell phone
  3. Outlet converter for my mp3 player charger
  4. Mp3 player cable for attachment to a stereo system
  5. Mp3 player charger cable
  6. Camera cable for connection to a PC
  7. Voice recorder cable for connection to a PC
I like that the zippered interior is of mesh fabric for easy location of the desired items. 

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