Sunday, October 31, 2010

Progress report: Stuff transformance

Monday, October 25:

I processed tax records as follows:
  • For tax years 2004 and earlier, I shredded all of the tax documents.
  • For tax years 2005 and 2006, I scanned and uploaded the tax returns only. Then I shredded the hard-copy returns and the supporting documentation.
  • For tax years 2007 through 2009, I scanned and uploaded the tax returns and the supporting documentation, then shredded all of the hard copies. 

Here's what the IRS says about keeping tax records. 

Tuesday, October 26:
  • Scanned the contents of a file box of documents, uploaded same, then shredded them.
  • Passed along an unopened packet of subject dividers for a binder. 
  • Reviewed old (as in 2003 and thereabouts) backup CDs for items of interest; found some, uploaded them; destroyed the CDs.

Wednesday, October 27:

    Thursday, October 28:

    • Donated a portable hanging-file folder box, complete with hanging file folders, to local charitable thrift store. 
    • Ditto for some clothing, a purse, and two clutches of CD/DVD jewel cases. 

    Friday, October 29:

    Tried valiantly to make a plastic, two-drawer file storage thingie work at my mother's house -- in two different closets, in the basement. No good. I salvaged the plastic drawers as containers for future Agape Thrift Store donations, and put the frame out to the trash.

    Saturday, October 30:

    • With a bit of a wrench, put a never-used collapsible cooler, in a handsome khaki color, with a great shoulder strap and outside pocket (for cutlery and salt), into the donation box. This item was the twin to one I have used; I bought both at the same time years ago because they were on sale and because they were so damn cool. I experienced a bit of a micro-ethical dilemma --> do I donate the one I've used and keep the never-used or do I donate the never-used and keep the used? I made my decision, but will let that remain in suspense for possible conjecture by others, which may reflect well or poorly on my perceived character. Or pragmatism.   
    • More clothes into the donation box.

    Sunday, October 31:

    My November 6 deadline for stuff divestment looms. Today: 
    • More clothes to donation box
    • Scanned and uploaded a labor-intensive travel journal; giving hard copy original to daughter
    • Scanned and uploaded my high school creative-writing papers. Even though some are excruciatingly embarrassing, I kept them for so long, I could not yet toss them out. Well, I did toss out the hard-copy originals, but only after spending hours creating virtual copies of same. 
    • "Processed" a ziploc bag of toiletries

    This is very dull reading, I imagine.

    It's at the point where the doing of it is very dull, too. It's drudgery. Before the adventure must come the drudgery of pulling out the final tenacious roots from the hard clay soil.

    Tomorrow: more of the same.

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