Sunday, October 24, 2010

Progress report: More stuff divestment

Saturday, October 23:

  • Distributed double sheets + pillowcases + army blanket to Brother5
  • Distributed woven basket from Borneo to Brother3 (from whom I originally bought said item)

Sunday, October 24:

  • Gave lovely small vase to Brother2 and sister-in-law
  • Distributed a piece of family-icon driftwood to Brother3, which I had saved from the trash some years ago
  • Distributed another piece of driftwood, of lesser family symbology, to a ritual fire pit

I need to pick up the pace on this final stuff divestment. My deadline for all-but-camping-gear stuff is Saturday, November 6.


vago said...

Nice work getting rid of this stuff. I like the 2 week or 7 day rule. If you don't use it in that time, let it go. Also, my favorite way to get rid of things is to just set them on the sidewalk and then watch from a safe distance so people don't get self conscious. The smiles are worth millions and it's nice to see that someone loves your old treasures...of course, burning is fun too.


Mzuri said...

Your rules - good ones! My daughter has another one --> nothing new can come in unless something old goes out.

In my recently-former home town, there is an annual "spring cleaning," where everyone puts out their unwanted stuff on the curb for city pick-up. I loved watching the cars and trucks ride slowly up the street, looking for treasure. You're right about the smiles. The cycle of life; love it.

Another great resource for redistributing the wealth:

Love your site at I look forward to frequent visits there.