Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going paperless

Scanners, shredders. Mmmm.

I'm finishing up scanning important documents and then shredding them. A very satisfying process.

Shredding is implicitly satisfying, like popping bubble wrap and looking at a freshly-vacuumed carpet or just-mowed lawn. Shredding is at once destruction and construction, making something entirely new and interesting out of the rending of something that takes up space and requires custodial care.

Scanning and storing the document images in a safe virtual space makes them portable and easily accessible. It is freeing.

Here's what some folks have to say about going paperless:

43folders --> The best article I've read on the subject: Palimpsest: The Guide to a (Mostly) Paperless Life.

WiseBread --> How to Go Entirely Paperless at Home

Lifehacker --> Complete Guide to Going Paperless.

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