Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Three Brothers Moving Co.

Three of my brothers will meet at 8:00 Sunday morning, then come together to my house and pick up:

Pier mirror

A Sister1-to-Brother1 heirloom transfer.

Antique three-quarter bed

Eighteen years ago, my mother sold the bed to me. She has now re-bought it and will give it to Brother5's daughter. 

Antique coffee table that we call the "bellows coffee table"

Brother4 received this from my parents. Later, he gave it to me in exchange for a different heirloom. Now, my daughter would love to have it, but currently has no space in her house for it. The two agreed that it would go with Brother4 for up to 10 years. If my daughter doesn't claim it by October 10, 2020, then it is Brother4's to keep.

Desktop PC

A straight Sister1-to-Brother4 transfer.


Unknown said...

Like the definitions. Does your 'estate' sale include small items such as vases, nice bowls and good quality 'what-nots'?

Mzuri said...

Why, yes it does!