Monday, October 25, 2010

Trans-Siberian Railway

Friend Pam directed my attention to this travel blog, Flying Coach.

Flip and Sarah are currently describing, in serial installment fashion, their Trans-Siberian Railway trip. Crisp, beautiful photos. Friendly color commentaries of experiences. 

A seasoned traveler, Pam is feeling enticed by the possibilities of a Trans-Siberian Railway trek.

Hoo-wee, The Man in Seat Sixty-One offers what appears to be an exhaustive study of a T-SR trip here for those ready to move from dream to reality.

But if you get carsick easily, here you can take the virtual Moscow-Vladisvostok leg of the trip right this minute. En route you can listen to the rumble of the train's wheels or a Russian radio station, or have War and Peace read aloud to you in Russian.

There's an accompanying interactive map that lets you "explore the surroundings." 

Below is an abridged, silent version of the trip.

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