Sunday, October 17, 2010

Progress report: Divesting stuff

When I left my house, my remaining stuff filled:

  • My car;
  • The back of my daughter's van; and
  • Two loads in the back of my friend's van. 

This was more than I'd hoped I would leave the house with, but I continue editing.

The camping gear was in my daughter's van, and that is ensconced for now in my mother's garage.

Taking up a lot of the space in my car was a CRT, a CPU, and a printer/scanner/copier, all which are destined for a new home.  Also in my car is a pile of oddments that I will distribute to various family members.

There are some hard-copy documents I have yet to scan and then shred, plus office supplies I will hand off at some point. 

I've got my box of science fiction paperbacks that I'm reading again before I release each into the wild.

I don't have a set goal of what I want to boil my stuff down to, but I'm thinking it would be cool to fit everything (excluding the camping gear, of course) into two carry-on size suitcases plus a backpack.

Read about other folks who have de-stuffed: 

If you read the Cult of Less article, when you get to the part about uploading one's mind to live in virtual space ... think Frederick Pohl in the Heechee Saga (aka Gateway series).

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