Monday, October 4, 2010

The big sale, Part 1

I'm having an estate sale on Saturday.

I wanted to call it an estate sale and not a moving sale or garage sale or yard sale, or God forbid, a rummage sale.

"Rummage" sale may be a perfectly fine term of art, but all it brings to mind for me are wrinkled, old clothes smashed into a box that one must rummage through to find something worthwhile.

Back to "estate" sale. My thinking was that it immediately attracts a wider market than a garage/moving/yard sale. And one can charge more for identical items than one would at a garage (etc.) sale.

But could I rightly call what I'm having an "estate" sale? I wasn't sure, so I investigated.

Here is one definition, and here is another.

I was in the clear.

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