Thursday, November 18, 2010

Portable speakers for MP3 player

The other day, some of us observed an experienced teacher, Dena, as she taught an intermediate-level English class.  Dena played music at several points, and I could hardly wait til the end of the class to find out where she'd bought the MP3 player speaker system she used.

Here it is:

An HDMX portable speaker case. It's a great little cool thing ... runs on two AA batteries, comes with the jack for the MP3 player, and you can even carry your player around in the zippered speaker case.

I don't know where I'll be teaching, thus I don't know what sort of technical apparatus will be available, so this is perfect for me - it's small in size and weight. Oh, did I forget to say I went out to the Playa Walmart this afternoon and bought one for myself?

Oddly, the Walmart had no AA batteries, so I picked some up at OXO.

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