Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spending the day with Jackie and Pam

Jackie and I started the day with a massage at Kristine's, me with a one-hour, deep-tissue massage, and Jackie with a 1/2 hour upper-body massage, plus a facial. Pam read a book in a cafe across the street in the meantime.

Feeling very relaxed after our massages, we strolled toward the beach. We encountered a wedding party on the way.

... then we had lunch at a forgettable (but absurdly expensive) beachside place. We saw: a clacking crow seeking scraps from the restaurant; musicians in white cotton, carrying their instruments along the beach; a line of happy tourists, be-hatted with balloons, zigzagging on the sand toward some unknown destination; a cruise ship in the distance.

After lunch, Pam veered off for a sweet vacation nap at the condo, while Jackie and I continued on the beach, before walking up to 5th Avenue for shopping. She sought gifts for friends, family, and colleagues; I wanted a pair of pants. We accomplished our mission over the course of a couple of hours, then headed home.

We love the decor of many of the restaurants and lounges -- very modern, chic, fun.

Occasionally, there is a miss, as at the gelato place Jackie and I stopped at; the chairs looked so invitingly comfortable, but we each felt like Lily Tomlin's little-girl character in a giant chair.The only way we could sit in these chairs without having our legs stick out in front of us was to perch on the edge of the seats. We chose to move instead.

In the evening, we took a long walk to enjoy dinner at La Cueva del Chango. Lush secret-garden setting, beautifully-presented food, soft sounds of water and background music surrounded us. Charming owner and staff. Loved it.


After dinner, we enjoyed coffee at Ah Cacao. I had a cafe americano; Jackie a mocha; and Pam a cappachino. On the way back home, we caught the vestiges of the artists' alley off of 5th Avenue, and looked in the windows of the romantic Byblos Restaurant.

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