Saturday, November 27, 2010

Matt and Carol se fueron

Matt and Carol just left for the airport after a lazy Saturday morning drinking coffee, eating breakfast, watching the CBS news on TV, chatting, showering, etc.

Last night we had dinner at La Cueva del Chango. We sat in the corner of the garden, felt a cooling breeze, and looked up every once in awhile at the sparkle of a star. I had fresh guava juice that I mixed with mineral water. Carol tasted it; said it tasted like grass. Yes, it did, and it was nice. She had a delicious margarita. I had a terrific tuna in a sesame crisp; Matt had an even better dish with grouper. Carol's chicken was [shrug] fine.

After dinner, we walked down to the beach. On the way, we passed a cave -- actually the cave after which the restaurant is named. There was also a gigantic, man-eater of a plant, like a nuclear hosta, complete with one big flower, as yet unopened.

We walked by a restaurant where a very good singer serenaded the customers with a beautiful ballad. The restaurant was at the end of a hotel that, on first impression, elicited "wows" from all of us. The columns are, like the plant below, of massive proportions. The entrance doors are so huge as to have been designed for a community of giants from the time of fairy tales.   

A little closer to the beach is a resort with architecture that reverts to human proportions. Room 3, with its tropical green walls, drew my attention.  

After taking in the stars beachside, we returned home and finished off the evening with a coffee and kahlua.

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