Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Unloading more stuff

Getting rid of stuff still gives me pleasure.

I felt good today because I was able to release a little clear-plastic case one uses to hold the travel-size boxes of Q-tips. I offered it to Matt and Carol; neither wanted it, so it is now in the blue trash barrel out front. I have another one, which still holds some Q-tips; this will be released, too, when I've emptied it. I'll probably forbear a post on it, however. 

An old travel tip is to pack and wear old clothes that are on their last threads, then toss them instead of laundering them. I'd brought a pretty, white cotton nightgown that is perfect for a tropical place. But it was barely holding together, so it, too, has now gone the way of the blue barrel.

Also leaving behind two Heinlein books:
  • Podkayne of Mars
  • Revolt in 2100

Really, Pam left behind Podkayne of Mars - I'm so happy she enjoyed it. Written in 1962, it has a girl as its central figure - a very strong girl, in fact - which was unusual back then.

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