Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kinder, Louisiana: Coushatta Powwow 2015

Coushatta Powwow 2015, Kinder, Louisiana.

The sounds of the Coushatta Powwow were a beauteous retreat from my usual rich supra of Cajun and Zydeco beats. Many drum groups there, with the songs reverberating through my bones.

Coushatta Powwow 2015, Kinder, Louisiana.

The Coushatta Powwow raised good memories of my year in New Mexico. Hey, here's an excuse to share again my video of Red Bear Drum Group at Jemez Springs Heritage Site for the Pueblo Independence Day 2013:

The Coushatta Powwow takes place in the pavilion at Coushatta Casino campus. The pavilion also serves as a rodeo site and there is a nearby stable. The sounds from the pavilion also pipe into the stable. It is very eerie - an entirely empty, cavernous stable that resounds with drum songs:

OK, now listen to this. The MC - on several occasions - when women dancers had finished, I swear to God, said "you can return to your husbands." Sheesh. Maybe it's an inside cultural joke? One hopes.

The powwow was in a good venue. Spacious. Air-conditioned. Excellent sound system. Interesting things being sold. A variety of foodstuffs. Very economical entrance fee - five bucks! 

I did miss seeing the gourd dance, and I've come to like that solemnity of that dance very much.

Below is a slide show:


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