Thursday, June 18, 2015

Elton, Louisiana: On My Way to the Powwow: Liberty Cemetery

Liberty Cemetery, near Elton, Louisiana

I'm on 190 going west, on the way to the Coushatta Powwow in Kinder, Louisiana. I've just left the weekly Saturday jam at the Savoy Music Center, and I've checked out the roseate spoonbills and taken a first glance at the village of Elton.

I see a large sign pointing to a road on the left, Liberty Cemetery Board. I drive up a-ways, turn around, and go check it out.

The first things that grab my attention are the fence around the cemetery property entire, then the fence around the garden of graves, and then the Puritan meetinghouse-esque chapel.

Liberty Cemetery, near Elton, Louisiana

My rational, mature brain feels soothed by the serene plainness of the chapel within and without.

But it is my irrational, Flat Earth brain that enters, half-way expecting to startle a psychopath camping out in a dusty corner. Or slavering dogs.

Liberty Cemetery, near Elton, Louisiana

The pews are marked with family names and memorials.

Liberty Cemetery, near Elton, Louisiana

There is an empty altar. I do not inspect it for sacrificial blood.

Liberty Cemetery, near Elton, Louisiana

Two small rooms flank each side of the altar, perfect hidey-holes for aforementioned, imaginary madman to lunge out at an unsuspecting visitor.

Liberty Cemetery, near Elton, Louisiana

The best I can tell, there's no electric power in this building. I imagine the window shutters are opened during memorial services, letting in natural light. If anything happens here at night, it's probably best not to know.

Liberty Cemetery, near Elton, Louisiana

The angel is androgynous. I like that.

There is some word that Liberty Cemetery is haunted. From another site, there's this story from "Greg:"
You can ask anyone that lives in the town of Elton if you sincerely want to see a ghost or something they will tell you without a doubt that you can go any night to Liberty Cemetary. I have been 5 maybe 6 times with friends and each time it only took minutes to notice that something was not right with this place you feel something in the air something that feels like its watching you and that you should not be there. I've heard of stories of people being chased down the road on foot from something screaming at them and their car not wanting to start; even stories about a little girl that sits on her grave every night waiting for her mother to come visit her but she never goes!!! I on the other hand have only heard voices giggles and laughs of children. Ohhh!!! Yeah, I almost forgot; there is a church on the far end of the cemetary that is extremely old that it has been closed down for probly 50 years or so. But... well to tell you the truth I haven't even heard of anyone even getting close to the church because they dont make it but maybe a few yards inside the cemetery without being freaked out by something.... Don't believe me? pshhhh.. try it yourself.


Unknown said...

We live around the corner...have family buried there...Not Haunted..

Mzuri said...

Thank you - good to know! I think one of the characteristics - for me - that lended itself to the idea of being haunted is the New England-ish style of the chapel. Maine, say. Stephen King's stalking grounds. Scaring grounds.

Anonymous said...

My father has been buried at Liberty Cemetery since 1988, as well as several other family members. I visit there quite often. I have never seen anything out of the ordinary there. I’m not doubting that some people have seen or heard something. As far the church, I love it. I have been inside it countless times. Unfortunately it has been locked each time I go there for the past 2-3 years.