Monday, June 8, 2015

Louisiana Movie: The Kingdom of Zydeco

Documentary: The Kingdom of Zydeco, directed by Robert Mugge.

Watch the movie in its entirety here.

Holy moly, this is an entertaining documentary about zydeco! Let's call it a snapshot of where zydeco was in 1993-1994 - or it might be better said, a slice of zydeco at that time. The music is grand.

The main protagonists are Boozoo Chavis and Beau Jocque, each with his own style, I'd say Mr. Chavis is most notable for his now-legendary songs and Mr. Espre ("Beau Jocque") for his sexy, growly voice and big ol' bear presence. Both men are dead; Beau Jocque died early of an apparent heart attack.

Here's his song, Cornbread:

I loved seeing references to places I need to go check out, like Sid's One Stop and El Sido's Nightclub, and House Rocker Records, all in Lafayette. And Richard's in Lawtell (now defunct).

So this movie was made in the 1990s and there is an interview with a Mr. Paul Scott, who I saw at the recent Creole Day in Vermilionville. Twenty years later, I swear to God, he looks the same age. Mr. Scott was presented with the Richard J. Catalon Sr. Creole Heritage Award at Vermilionville.

It was also fun to listen to musician John Delafose (father of the famed Geno Delafose) perform and also give his thoughts about the so-called King of Zydeco business.

Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Chas (still performing) were also featured.

Watch the movie.

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