Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lake Martin, Louisiana: Late Spring Visit

Lake Martin, Louisiana. Early June.

As usual, Lake Martin appears modest from the banks, reserving its beauty for when you engage by way of boat.

We took a boat tour yesterday as the day moved toward dusk.

We saw an alligator nest:

Lake Martin, Louisiana. Early June. Alligator nest.

I had no idea an alligator nest was so large! It's that pyramidal mound at center-right above.

Bullfrog, Lake Martin, Louisiana. Early June. Credit: Cat Hodges.
We saw a brilliantly yellow-and-green bullfrog sitting in the water. Just sitting like a buddha.

Lake Martin, Louisiana. Early June.

Below is a slide show with my accumulation of Lake Martin photos:



Anonymous said...

Wish I was there I'm in Milton Florida my son's in Louisiana right now for his daughter's football band program Pace high School check it out they got a bad bad routine but it's great it's number one they win all the awards if it said all possible you would enjoy watching it listening to it

Mzuri said...

Thank you for stopping by! I sure did check out your granddaughter's band - I love to watch marching bands, especially the drums.