Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Delcambre, Louisiana: A Second Look

Delcambre, Louisiana. God's Acre Cemetery.

It was hot the first time I went to Delcambre and hot the second time, too. By the way, you pronounce it "delkum" to rhyme with "welcome." Unless you're talking to OK Google, and then you may have to call it "del kamber."

Delcambre, Louisiana. God's Acre Cemetery.

When I ventured out for this second look at Delcambre, I figured I'd be taking pics of the houses of different architectural design - up on stilts.

Delcambre, Louisiana. God's Acre Cemetery.

But as you can see, I spent considerable time in the Catholic cemetery, called God's Acre.

The church was open, and its cool darkness refreshed after being out in the cemetery's hot sun. It was also cheering to see my friend from New Mexico, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Delcambre, Louisiana. 

There were boats, of course. And fishery-type buildings. A slide show below, which also includes photos from 2014's Delcambre Shrimp Festival:


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