Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rustavi: A Wedding!

A neighbor works at a reception hall across the street from my building, and she invited me and my hostess to come to a wedding reception and to take photos.

Last night, I ate two (OK, it was three) figs fresh off of Mary's tree. And spent last night and almost all day today "in detox." So things were a little shaky at the reception, and I politely declined the hosts' offers for me to join their table. It would've have been fun, though. Nino and I stayed put in an out-of-the way observation spot.

Loved the dancing, and hope you do, too.

I call this one the Bride's Dance:

The Money Dance:

And Let's All Dance! Watch for one of my favorite dancers to carry a tray of food and drink onto the dance floor - with his teeth.

And the traditional drinking-from-the-horn that Georgian men do:

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