Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rustavi: School Meet 'n Greet

Today there was an introductory meeting between TLG teachers (e.g., me) and our public school co-teachers.

My three co-teachers and the school principal were present: Ana (the school principal), Nana, Tamuna, and Keti. Four other TLGers and the co-teachers from their future schools were also present.  All were very welcoming and enthusiastic, which I appreciated.

Officially, we did some introductions, got an overview of desired outcomes, did a little bit of small-group activity stuff, and then the important part of the meeting happened: Two co-teachers and I went out for a beer and some khinkali.

Through our conversation, we dipped into the topics of hometown villages, our families, Georgian and American culture, men-women issues, drinking alcohol, and how one of us (who shall remain nameless, but it wasn't me) uses a fork to eat her khinkali instead of her hands, in the proper way.

I'll report to school at 9:00 a.m. Monday.

After we finished, I walked to the big Vejini Market on Megobroba Street to get something for dinner. I stood in line along with four other customers at the deli counter while two men seemed to be outfitting themselves for a one-week hike into the Caucasus, keeping the deli employee occupied. I spied another employee in the same vicinity, behind the same counter, who stood customerless, flossing her teeth. I swear to God.

So I motioned politely to her for assistance, but she rebuffed me, returning to her teeth flossing. A few minutes passed; the two gentlemen continued to stock up on their deli supplies. I looked at the flossing woman again, and with difficulty, regained her attention. I pantomimed FIVE people over by me and ZERO people over by her. So, like, how about you come over and help? Which she did, grumpily.

Finished my shopping, grabbed a marshrutka, and returned home.

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