Thursday, September 8, 2011

Georgia: The Khachapuri Index

To track inflation in Georgia, the International School of Economics at Tbilisi University (ISET) created the Khachapuri Index.

Khachapuri. Credit: Teach and Learn with Georgia

I heard a vague reference to it a while back, then saw it in the most recent issue of Financial newspaper. The index compared khachapuri prices among the cities of Batumi (Georgia's Black Sea resort town), Tbilisi, Kutaisi (Georgia's 2nd largest city after Tbilisi), and Telavi.

ISET also created the [Georgian] Frugal Housewife Index, which measures the cost of khachapuri ingredients plus the household energy to make a khachapuri at home.

ISET adapted the Khachapuri Index from the Big Mac Index, created by The Economist.

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